I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained

Walt Disney

We are a group of likeminded parents eager to provide high quality education for our children. By high quality, we mean ensuring that the children receive the proper intellectual and cognitive development so that they can grow up to be independent, creative and critical in their thoughts and actions. We also abhor the interference of commercialisation and politicisation of education.

Our aim is to bring each child’s strengths to bloom and work on their weaknesses to prevent deterioration. This way, a child can be allowed to develop their inherent aptitude and not let it go to waste. If a child is endowed with the knack for numbers, he or she should be challenged to go further in mathematics than his or her peers.

Most education systems that rely on classroom teaching, these days, do not have the facilities or the channels to effectively encourage individual development. We can.

We can to that because each child educated through us is treated as an individual. Programmes and lesson plans are tailored to each child’s aptitude within the framework of the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum. Age does not matter so long as the child can cope.

Coming to this juncture, the question most parents would ask is about those who cannot seem to follow the lesson. For this, we resort to preliminary evaluation and extensive interviews with the parents to establish a starting point. From there, we will work on an agreed schedule of progress subjected to periodic reviews. In some cases, we will administer psychological interventions where necessary.

Our objective is to bring our children to a level of self-motivated learning and applying learned skills and knowledge in solving problems in every aspect of their lives. And, we intend to do it at the most affordable cost possible without sacrificing quality, content or efficacy.