After School Mentoring

We understand that there are many parents who are undecided on which curricula to choose for their children. It is a daunting task and a decision that is not easy to make as it concerns their future.

We are also aware that there are many centres offering half-day care where the students are looked after and some guidance is given on their school work. Some even offer extra tuition. What they are offering is an extension of the school hours and extra classes for the National Curriculum.

We offer something different.

We feel that extra lessons and close monitoring of homework is only one part of the formula to success in education. We believe that the students themselves need to be guided in learning. They need to be encouraged to further their knowledge. They ought to be given the freedom to express their thoughts and through that, hone their skills in communications.

For us, a successful student is one who is able to employ the knowledge gained from school in creative and innovative ways to solve daily life problems. One who is morally and ethically upright, critical in their thinking and analytical in their understanding of the world around them.

For that, we prefer to mentor them by being their confidant and counsel. We believe that it is better to understand them, guide them and correct them rather than to force them, restrict them and oppress their thoughts.

That is why we offer an After School Mentoring programme. This programme is suited for those who are weak or have lost interest in their school work. Some may be slow learners but mostly, they are just demotivated by the system.

This is the place where your child can be motivated and equipped to self-learn – the only sure way of ensuring a brighter future for them.