Cambridge Curriculum Preparation

We have put together a programme specifically for those making the transition from our National Curriculum to an international curriculum such as IGCSE, IB etc. The programme consists of fundamental skills needed to excel in the requirements of these curricula.

The programme covers languages skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Students are taught reading and writing skills with an equal emphasis on comprehension and grammar. We use a practical approach in our pedagogy. Students are educated to produce written work focusing on creativity and critical analyses. Most importantly, they are encouraged to articulate their ideas succinctly and precisely.

Scientific and mathematic knowledge are taught in like manner where the understanding of basic concepts is applied in solving problems. We ensure that the students are able to utilise their cognitive capabilities to understand higher level concepts from simpler ones. This approach enables the students to independently learn complex concepts and to easily solve complicated problems.

Besides the core subjects of English, Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Mathematics, students are also exposed to other academic subjects such as Geography, History, ICT and Visual Arts. Other general knowledge and supplementary subjects such as Moral Studies, Health & Physical education, Living Skills etc. are also taught regularly.

Apart from academic and non-academic subjects, our programme is structured to bring out the leadership in each child as well as instilling the motivation to learn independently. Students will learn, apart from the academic subjects, ways to get projects and assignment done on time and correctly either alone or in a group.

In short, the programme is designed to develop the student to be independent, possess leadership skills, motivated to learn and able to articulate ideas proficiently. These are the requirements of an international curriculum.