Cambridge Syllabus Supplementary

Call it tuition or call it coaching. The truth is; some students need extra lessons in some subjects. We tailored classes with qualified teachers who are experts in their field to provide lessons to those who need it. Having said that, our philosophy of self-motivated learning and application of knowledge is still very much the basis of these programmes

These are weekly classes conducted in small groups of not more than 10 students per teacher. Each class lasts two hours but the programme is intensive and challenges the students to understand the subject matter through differing perspective. These classes tear down complex concepts into reasonable portions so that the students can use those blocks to build up a strong and robust knowledge of the subject.

Besides the regular weekly classes, we also conduct workshops, seminars, short-courses and camps periodically for those who need extra boost to their knowledge. These programmes are designed to take the students from their basic knowledge to solve higher level problems and in the process, learn higher level concepts in the subject matter. Students will be challenged to perform above the requirements expected of their age group.

These programmes are for those who need extra help and those who seek extra challenges. The objective is to instil the continued interest in the subject and to open up the students’ perspective. This is a way of transferring classroom knowledge to real-life applications. Students exposed to these conditioning will eventually be better adapt to the competitive world of tomorrow.