Other Services

For all our students, we offer counselling as part of their learning experience with us. For prospective students, we offer guidance on choices of curricula and institutions. For students and parents, we offer psychological advice on children development and education as well as parenting.

All prospective students will be evaluated by our in-house Psychologist and a profile of their learning capability will be made known to the parents. At the same time, this serves as starting point of progress for the student where the parents can monitor and work with us to ensure maximum benefits for the child.

We conduct psychometric assessments not just for our students but also those who need assistance in making decision about their education and career. We provide advisory services on education prospective and career choice based on the result of the psychometric assessments.

When necessary, we may recommend thorough Counselling be administered. This would be conducted by qualified and certified Counselling Psychologists. This service is not limited to students only. We have Counsellors who are experienced in Development, Education, Parenting and Family Counselling.

These extra services are meant to complete and complement the education of the child. It is our belief that education is not just the teacher, the classroom or the syllabus. It is a holistic process that involves the child’s social environment, cognitive capability and mental health.